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PSI Archery

Crosman Air-Rifles – Gear Tech


Winchester Model 70

Winchester Ammunition

Under Armour

Under Armour

Gear Tech – Under Armour – Clothing Options

Under Armour – Gear Tech – Layering

Ever have a problem staying warm and dry when you are in the field? Here are a few guidelines to avoid such issues. Do not wear cotton based clothing as part of a layering system. Cotton might be fine for a little yard work, but once you get active, cotton actually works against you. Cotton traps moisture as opposed to releasing it. Leading clothing managers such as Under Armour have our backs.

Under Armour – Gear Tech – Scent Control

I am sure a lot of you hunters out there have hear some ups and downs about different scent control system in outdoor apparel. For years carbon based systems had led the way in this category. UA has taken the next step in introducing zeolite technology infused with silver.

Under Armour – Hints on Hunting

This is for all the ladies out there. For years trying to find specifically designed hunting clothing for women was next to impossible until now. UA has paid particular attention to a woman’s needs and has designed a whole new line of clothing that is warmer, dryer and more comfortable just for the ladies.

STIHL Kombi System

STIHL – Chainsaw

STIHL – Kombi System

STIHL – Lithium Ion

STIHL – Testimonial

If you are looking for a chainsaw brand that will last you a lifetime, I recommend STIHL. My grandfather used STIHL, my father user STIHL and now a reason why I choose to use STIHL. Let me explain; steel saws use offer unsurpassed engineering and reliability. This is something that future generations can appreciate. Watch video to learn more.

Ameristep Ground Blinds




Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires

Gear Tech – RAM Trucks

Outdoor Insights – RAM Trucks

Mercury Outboards

Berkley Baits

Pfleuger – Outdoor Insights

Cabela’s Canada

Canada’s got a new future on the hunting/fishing/outdoor horizon with Cabela’s Outdoor Stores hitting this country. For years Canada has been left in the dark when it came to big outdoor retailers, that is until now!. Cabela’s understands the needs of Canadian outdoors people, men, women and children alike, and you can be sure that no matter what hunting product you are looking for, or that favourite fishing lure in a particular colour, I would bet that with one visit to a Cabela’s store, or a quick visit to Cabela’s online, that you will find what you are looking for. It makes sense for me, a guy that has numerous adventures per year to make a stop at a Cabela’s store and get everything that I am looking for in one location. A big Canadian shout out, and welcome to Cabela’s Canada “Worlds Foremost Outfitter”.

Cabela’s Canada

We were out in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Cabela’s was at it again launching a new store. We have the whole Canadian Tradition family out in to welcome Cabela’s to Saskatoon.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

For being and avid outdoorsmen and a passionate water fowler, and caring about the environment that we all share, there is no wonder why I support Ducks Unlimited Canada. This organization has personally taken it upon itself not only to protect the vital wetlands but to preserve our water fowling population.

Feather Facts – Types of Ducks

There are really three main groups of ducks: puddle ducks, diving ducks, sea ducks. Find out the difference between how they take-off, feed and more. For more information watch video.

Feather Facts – Mallard Ducks

The mallard is a classic duck. Gray body, green head, and a white stripe around the neck of the male with a chestnut breast and the blue wing with the 2 white stripes. Female mallards have blue speculum with white stripes on it and tend to be a brown bird with an orange coloured bill. For more information watch video.

Feather Facts – Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is the most wide spread and commonly recognized goose to most Canadian hunters. There are a number of races of Canada guise in gradients and size. The one most people would be familiar with is the greater Canada that is the one you find in Southern Ontario and most of the Southern part of Canada. For more information watch video.

Feather Facts – Eider Ducks

In Canada there are 2 species of eider. The common eider which breads in all the Maritime provinces. Populations are fairly stable. The eider is much like wood ducks, were considered at risk in the early 1900’s. Populations are doing well now. Most Eastern provinces have a special sea duck hunting opportunity with sea duck season that is open to eider hunters. For more information watch video.