The Ultimate BBQ’d Bird

The Ultimate BBQ’d Bird Recipe:

For this recipe a kettle type charcoal BBQ is essential.
• 5lbs charcoal
• hickory bark
• 4 ducks or 2 snow geese, whole plucked birds, rubbed with steak spice or Garlic salt

Arrange coals in two piles along sides of BBQ, light them and let them get red hot (this should take about ½ hr). Set all bbq vents wide open. Arrange birds over the space between the coal piles.
Place hickory bark on the hot coals and cover. Mallards and Snow geese will be done to medium rare in 40 minutes. Teal take about 30 minutes and larger geese no more than 1 hr. This method will take some experience to master, and your personal taste will determine the correct cooking time, but it is well worth the effort.

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