The Crew

Taylor Wright

*Host / Executive Producer

Taylor comes from the small village of Chaffeys Locks, in South Eastern Ontario. His strong love and passion of the outdoors and all things related to the outdoors were instilled in him from a very young age. Gaining experience in the outdoor industry has allowed Taylor to create “The Canadian Tradition”. Taylor’s youth, exuberance, and experience allows him to bring new creative outdoor adventures, and insight to his audience on a weekly basis.

The Canadian Tradition

Grahame Wright

*Pro Staff and ***(Taylor’s main) Hunt’n Buddy

Grahame is credited with introducing Taylor to the outdoors. From the times that he packed Taylor along on those early year duck and deer hunts, to the times he spent teaching Taylor about trapping, Grahame’s home-life has always been dedicated to ensuring that a conservation, and outdoor message has been passed down. Grahame’s main career is business oriented, but he has no problem with shedding the “suit and tie” world, and strapping on a pair of hunting boots to embark on an outdoor adventure where ever that may take him. Viewers have seen Grahame on a few episodes over Season 1 & 2 of the show, and will surely see more of his adventures in years to come!

The Canadian Tradition