The Canadian Tradition Partners with DUC

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is pleased to
announce an exciting partnership with The
Canadian Tradition television show.

“We have said it time and time again, but the
simple and undeniable truth is waterfowlers have
been there since Day 1 for DUC,” says Madeleine
Arbez, DUC’s director of marketing. “In respect
for that long relationship between DUC and duck
hunters, we stepped forward with this opportunity.
We wanted to share our pride in our waterfowling
heritage with Canadians and felt The Canadian
Tradition was a perfect vehicle to do that.”

As part of the agreement, DUC has partnered in
four waterfowling shows from the 13 episodes of
the series’ 2010 premiere season. The tone and
content of TCT provided DUC with an opportunity
to proudly support the importance of hunting
within the conservation world.

The Canadian Tradition will premiere on Jan. 2, 2010, during its regular broadcast slot on Global Television Saturday mornings at 9:30 EST and on the Wild Television network Sunday nights at 8:00 EST. It will also be rebroadcast through the week on Wild TV. While the majority of The Canadian Tradition programs will deal with the pursuit of game other than waterfowl, the DUC profile will be front and centre during the waterfowl episodes.

“I find the history behind DUC a very interesting one,” says Taylor Wright. “DUC was started way back in the 1930s by hunters for the benefit of everyone who values wetlands and waterfowl, and to provide continued support for conservation of the resource.”

The four inaugural DUC episodes of The Canadian Tradition were filmed in the fall of 2009 and will be part of the 2010 lineup. The show titles and their Global Television air dates are as follows:

• Quebec Sink Box Experience (DUC) Jan. 16
• Wings on Wolfe Island (DUC) Jan. 30
• Prairie Waterfowl (DUC) Feb. 20
• Late Season Ontario Geese (DUC) March 13

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