Steak – Rub, Marinade, Glaze

Camp Cooking Steaks


This is a basic BBQ rub for your quick cook steaks and also for the low and slow cooked tough cuts like shoulder or ribs. You can make a batch and store sealed in an air tight container or resealable bag for weeks.

½  cup paprika

2 Tbsp  chili powder

1 Tbsp  dry mustard

1 Tbsp  ground cumin

2 Tbsp  ground black pepper

1 Tbsp  salt

1 Tbsp  brown sugar




Make this wet seasoning as you need it and use to build flavor your steak and chops.

1Tbsp  mustard

1 Tbsp  garlic

Fresh herbs like parsley, marjoram or thyme

2 Tbsp  soy sauce

3 oz  vinegar

3 oz  beer



This is a finishing touch to grilled meats to add a sweet-sour tang and shine. Do not add too early or it will scorch on the grill.

2 oz  bbq sauce

2 Tbsp  honey or maple syrup

3 oz  vinegar

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