Five Buck Duck Tacos

Five Buck Duck Tacos

1  large whole duck

1  beer, tall tin

Salt and pepper

–        Set grill to medium heat, around 300 F

–        Wash duck and trim off any excess fat from neck and vent area

–        Score skin and season with salt and pepper

–        Pour ½ of the beer into a small roasting dish and place duck over the beer can so that it stands upright

–        Roast for 1 hr then start the basting/glazing

–        Continue cooking for up to another full hour until skin is crisp and brown and legs move freely

–        Allow to cool and remove all meat and shred into fine strips



2 oz  honey

2 oz  vinegar

2 oz soy sauce

1 Tbsp  fresh grated ginger

–        Blend together and baste over duck after 1 hour


12  small wheat tortillas

1 cup  shredded carrot

1 cup  shredded cabbage

½ cup  diced red bell pepper

Hoisin sauce

Siracha hot sauce

–        For each tortilla, lay in even layers over vegetables and duck meat then add hoisin and siracha sauces to taste, roll and eat

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